The Importance of Monitoring Bills & Balances

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You don’t have to hire an accountant or financial adviser to track your spending and be mindful of your financial standing. With Manilla, anyone can easily monitor bills and balances by seeing everything in one secure place. Tracking your finances and household accounts using Manilla’s easy-to-use dashboard online and its free mobile apps provides you with a variety of benefits that play a vital role in the success of your financial future:

Maintain good credit

While an occasional 30- or 60-day late credit card payment may not drastically impact your credit score, just one 90-day late payment can damage your credit for up to seven years. By regularly checking your credit card balances against your budget and getting Manilla’s automatic bill pay reminders, you’re protecting your credit from taking a dive.

Avoid overspending

Manilla gives you a clear view of all your bills and balances, so you can closely monitor your credit card and bank account balances, helping you to avoid overspending and stick to your budget.

Never pay late fees

Making late payments on your bills, loans and credit cards can result in wasting money on pricy late fees. To help you avoid throwing your money down the drain, Manilla’s bill monitor provides automatic reminders via text or email so you are always aware of what you owe.

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