How is Manilla Free?

Manilla allows you to manage your bills online for free because service providers pay a small fee for their mail to be delivered through Manilla to their customers. This is a brand new way for consumers to get copies of their bills and statements more quickly and at a lower cost to businesses.

Companies spend an average of 75 cents for every document they send to their customers. This adds up to huge monthly costs and a lot of wasted resources, because most customers would prefer to do without the clutter that comes with account documents.

With Manilla, companies can stop printing documents and sending them through regular mail. This allows them to connect more directly with you to provide bills, statements and other services.

As a result, you get a free bill manager that retrieves and stores your bills and statements. You can manage bills online and become effortlessly organized – at absolutely no cost to you.

Try it. It's free!

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