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Put More Time Back in Your Day

Ways to Be More Productive &
Put More Time Back in Your Day

Ways to Put More Time Back in Your Day & Be More Productive

Whether you’re working 40 hours a week, carting the kids to and from after-school activities, grocery shopping, school supply shopping or paying the bills, you know what it feels like to run out of time for yourself. After all, 24 hours just isn’t cutting it anymore — we need more time in the day.

That’s why here at Manilla, we want to help you discover new ways to be more productive and put more time back in your day, giving you more opportunities to relax, and enjoy the little things. Here’s how:

1. Get familiar with online bill pay.

The benefit of using Manilla to help make your bill payments is that you only have to remember one login in order to pay all of your bills. That’s right — remember just one username and password, and you’re in business. Once you sign up for Manilla, link your accounts, and install our easy-to-use Auto Login plugin, you’ll be able to automatically log into your accounts’ websites to pay your bills.

2. Set your Manilla reminders.

Because Manilla will remind you to pay your bills, you don’t have to waste time manually entering reminders on your calendar or worrying about paying late fees. Manilla sends automatic reminders via email or text message so that you always know what you owe.

  • Why you'll love Manilla
  • Easy access with ONE login
  • Reminders when bills are due
  • Unlimited storage for bills
    and statements
  • Secure bill sharing with
    friends and family
Try it. It's free!

3. Be productive from anywhere.

When you use Manilla’s app for the iPhone or Android, you can stay on top of your accounts no matter where you are. Our apps have received 4.5+ stars and thousands of outstanding reviews.

4. Don’t waste time with a filing cabinet.

Manilla provides automatic account document storage forever, for free. Why waste time filing your bills and statements when Manilla will do it for you?

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