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Top 5 Organizational Tips for Home

Tips for Home

Life is too short to be living in clutter. Here are our favorite organizational tips for home management so that you look forward to kicking your feet up in a clean space after a long day.

Reduce your paper.

Despite our modern times, one ancient invention still prevails in most households: paper. Reducing your inflow of paper will save you time, keep your space neater, and maybe even save a few trees. Lighten your paper load by using online and mobile services, such as Manilla, to manage your statements and accounts electronically. Subscribe to newspapers online and proactively opt out of direct mail.

Simplify coming and going.

If you often run late or you frequently leave the house, then have to come right back because you forgot something, you might need a drop zone and launch pad. Choose a place for your phone, keys, planner, purse and other daily “travelers” to live. Drop them in their spot on your way in the house, and pick them up on your way out. The same goes for kids’ backpacks and jackets.

Nail things down.

When items don’t have designated homes, they can end up anywhere, and that spells trouble for your stress level and your wallet. You waste tons of time searching for stuff you ought to be able to find easily and you often re-buy things because you can’t find them. Ouch. Giving categories of items specific homes makes your life easier. From your clothing to your tools, from your cleaning products to your kids’ toys, the more homes you assign the less time and energy you’ll spend looking around for your stuff.

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Pay attention.

Clutter doesn’t just happen overnight while you’re sleeping. You have a part in it. Your home doesn’t have to be perfect to be organized, so just pay attention regularly to what’s piling up and take steps to move things out of your life that are no longer useful or just aren’t worth keeping. Keep a box or bin near the door or in the garage for items you notice that don’t deserve to take your precious space and mental energy.

Control your time.

Time is your most precious resource. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. When you squander your time, you squander your life. That’s why one of the most important organizational tips for home maintenance is to keep a calendar, either paper or electronic, and use it consistently. Be aware that things often take longer than you imagine, so schedule accordingly. Don’t over-schedule yourself or your kids, and block off downtime so you can keep up with regular life maintenance. All these simple calendar habits will put you back in control of your time and, ultimately, of your life.

Organizing your home is not the end of a project. It’s the beginning of a process. Using these tips for organization will help your home become more organized and less chaotic; staying organized through regular maintenance of new habits is the secret to keeping it that way.

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