A self-admitted math geek, I thoroughly enjoy putting pen to paper to solve even the most simplest of mathematical quandaries, such as how much tip to leave. Even when I switched to online banking, I kept a checkbook register, diligently tracking my balance purely for the fun of doing the math. With time at even more of a premium, I’ve turned in my loyal #2 pencil in favor of a stylus.  Not surprising since I’m an employee of Citi, I use our mobile and iPad apps for virtually all of my daily financial needs, including up-to-the-minute balances.
Always on the lookout for apps to expand my virtual financial tool-box, I was delighted to come across some new ones for calculating tips and tracking expenses. I’m going to check them out and thought you might be interested too. In addition to these exciting new apps, I wanted to share with you even more exciting news: Citi recently launched the first banking app designed exclusively for the Kindle Fire.  The Citi app provides a convenient way to manage your finances and access your favorite Women & Co. content on the go. You can download the new Citibank® app for free using the Amazon Appstore.

Which apps are you using to simplify your financial life?

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Linda DescanoCFA®, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Women & Co., Citibank’s complimentary online resource that provides expert content and commentary for women who want to enhance their financial acumen. Linda is a noted authority on wealth management and personal finance.