Decluttering your home and your life is incredibly in vogue these days. But more important, getting rid of things you don’t need can save you space, improve the environment, brighten your home’s look, and make you money! Plus, owning too much can lead to some serious “carrying costs”: extra stuff will make it more expensive to move, cost more to repair, and cause more stress. Here are 10 things you may have just laying around that could make you money—fast!1. Books is one of many sites dedicated to reselling used books. Clear your shelves for all your new finds by selling online. If you’d prefer to swap your old books with other sellers, try a book exchange via a site like Swaptree .

2. Sporting Equipment
Remember when you bought that tennis racket only to quit tennis after your first lesson? It’s probably still sitting in the garage waiting for you to pick it back up again. Used sporting goods are easy to list on sites like or could be taken to your local Play It Again Sports, a sporting goods consignment chain.

3. Designer Goods
Designer bags can get you top dollar when you market them to people looking for your specific brand. We like eBay and Craigslist, where we’ve seen used Kate Spade and Coach purses sell for over $100, and Louis Vuittons for about $500. To determine how to price your bag, search eBay for similar items. For more info, check out LearnVest’s article on how to get the most of your designer purses, and the best ways to resell them.

4. Cameras, iPods, and other gadgets
Whether you’re hoping to upgrade from your current model or just want to earn back some of the money you paid the first time around, reselling your gently used tech items is a great way to clear up some space in your house. Check out, which lets you buy and sell used gadgets online. The great thing about this site is, if another user doesn’t make an offer on your item, they will, so every item gets purchased!

5. CDs
The music industry has embraced digital, and now, so should you! Back up your music on your computer and sell your old CDs. We found this cool site, iPod Meister, that buys back your CDs and records and let’s you use the credit towards buying a new piece of tech candy! Sending in 220 CDs will get you an iPhone 3G, so start collecting your CDs up now.

6. Baby Supplies
The best way to offload baby stuff is through parenting lists. Search via Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups, using words like parents or playgroup, plus your location. You can find ones like ParkSlopeParents, Berkeley Parents Network, Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago, and DC Urban Moms and Dads for your area. Since baby and toddler items suffer a lot of wear and tear, the best way to price your items is at half their original value (unless they’re new or unused).

7. VHS Tapes,, and Craigslist all have markets for VHS tapes. If you’ve got movies that haven’t come out on DVD or that may have a high collectors’ value, you could earn a pretty penny for those old films! Check out TCM’s website of movies they haven’t released on DVD yet to get a start on your collection.

8. Video Games and Video Game Consoles
Games and consoles can get outdated pretty quickly. If you’ve got a game system you no longer use, or you’re hanging on to old games, now is the time make some money off of them! is one of many sites that facilitates resales. You can also check out EB Games, which now sells pre-owned games from both their website and their brick and mortar stores.

9. Old China Sets
The best way to find out the value of your china is to find a pattern identification service online, like Replacements. You send them a photo of your items and they’ll make an assessment for free. Once you receive their estimate, your best bet is Amazon or eBay. You’re most likely to sell your set for it’s full value on one of these popular sites.

10. Musical Instruments
Whether they belonged to you or your kids, often times we keep instruments around because we worry “what if I want to start playing again?” Really assess how much you use these items, and if you haven’t touched them in the last year, it’s time to sell! Used Instrument Buyer will take an instrument off your hands and they offer competitive price quotes. If you’re not happy with the amount of money you get there, you can always start a bidding war over your violin on eBay.

Alexa Von Tobel is the founder and CEO of LearnVest, the leading personal finance site for women.