Ever since Scott and I purchased our condo, we’ve kept a wish list of home improvement projects of all sizes, from relining kitchen cabinets to installing a steam shower in the master bath. Each of us contributes to a “home improvement fund,” which we draw on to fund these projects. And, each year we re-prioritize the list and try to tackle 1-2 projects.
Two years ago, we had saved enough to tackle 3 projects: new living room furniture, a backsplash in our kitchen, and a refurnishing of our den to accommodate more storage for books, CDs and DVDs (what can I say, we’ve been around a long time). After several months of reading design books, browsing home renovation websites, and trekking to furniture stores near and far, we were not moving the needle on any of these projects.

Whenever I’ve been at a crossroads at work or with my diet, I hired a professional, be it an executive coach or a personal trainer, both of whom helped propel me forward. So that is just what I did. I hired an interior designer to serve as our “renovation coach.” Within a flash, we had concrete plans and proposals in hand — with a clear timeline and budget. Once we came to closure on the approach and price, she managed the various professionals — architects, contractors, painters, and electricians — required, as well as handled all the furniture deliveries. The results were awesome (check out the before and after photos below!) and on budget. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made — so much so that we are on our third round of projects with her.








Are you looking to take the stress out of a home renovation project? If so, I’d encourage you to think seriously about hiring an expert to help you navigate the many decisions you will be facing over the course of the project. It will save you precious time and, at least in my experience, equally precious money.

Have you taken on the task of remodeling or redecorating your home? What tips do you have for saving time, energy, and money?