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Manilla – One Solution For All Your Bill Management Needs – iPhone App Review
By iPhoneFootPrint

Keeping a track of monthly expenses and a proper financial planning are a must for every individual, but bill payment being one of the most important part of the recurring monthly cycle can be a cumbersome activity for many of us who find heaps of paper bills and dozens of monthly statement lying around them. Let the late payments and overdues not scare you. Manilla is here to help you manage your bills and accounts directly from their sources in at one place. Manilla is a service that aggregates multiple account details be it credit cards, mobile operator bills, travel rewards, insurance policy renewals or anything that you may come across in a recursive cycle.

The first thing you’re going to do when you sign in to Manilla is go to your accounts page and start adding accounts of service providers you use by entering login credentials. Once its all set up, you will be able to watch the one liner account summary on the accounts page for all your accounts. The detailed view lets you watch the complete details alongside the important notifications that can be found in the reminders area marked in red when you are approaching the deadline.  In addition to reminders you receive within the app and your device you can also choose to receive text messages and emails as notifications that can remind you no matter where you are.

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