Taking control over your finances isn’t easy. If you are able to stay organized though, you will save tons of time, stress, and most important, money. So we created this financial clutter checklist to guide you:

  • Find a great organizer for bills like Manilla to simplify your filing system. Instead of squeezing your bills into old manila folders in your filing cabinet, use Manilla.com for free and your bills will be instantly organized. Manilla retrieves your bills, and sorts and archives them automatically. Need to find that credit card bill from last March? That’s fast and easy to do at Manilla, without any of the clutter.
  • Do you have bills from the ‘80s that you keep around because you’re not sure if you’ll need them? Here’s a great resource from BankRate.com to help you decide how long to keep your financial documents and when shredding is in order.
  • Make sure you have a bill reminder system you can rely on. One of the reasons it’s so important to have a bill pay organizer is so you can pay on time and avoid late fees. When you link your account to Manilla, you’ll automatically have reminders set up for all of your upcoming bills. You can get these reminders on the site or the mobile app, as well as via email and text message.  Having a great bill organizer means you’ll never pay another late fee!

Once you check these three items off your list, you can officially consider yourself financially decluttered. Getting on track with an organizer for bills like Manilla is an easy and free way to keep you in control of your finances. Good luck!