Whether you’re an extreme couponer, Grouponer or just looking to get a good deal, these tips will help optimize your couponing experience.

1. Finding Deals:

If you don’t want to spend hours scouring your local newspaper or scanning websites, download a coupon app, like Coupon Sherpa, to your smartphone. Coupon Sherpa helps you quickly and easily locate coupons when you need them most: at the store. By searching through its categories for deals or saving your favorite stores, Coupon Sherpa brings the discounts right to your fingertips. Simply show your phone at the register for instant savings.

Coupon Sherpa works with iPhone and Android devices. Other notable apps are GeoQpon, which shows you all of the deals in your area, and Grocery Smarts, which lists all of the in-store promotions available in your grocery store. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can always visit CouponSherpa.com online.

2. Getting Organized:

With coupons available online, in stores and in magazines, it’s easy to lose track of money-saving offers. Many extreme couponers recommend creating a binder to organize your various coupons, but even that can be cumbersome and difficult to sort through. Try using Evernote, a service that allows you to upload and store any type of document. Evernote also has smart search technology, so you can find your coupon by searching the content of the deal. Evernote even syncs to your smartphone or tablet so you have easy access to all of your documents, all the time.

3. Paying Attention to Details:

Most good deals usually have a catch, so make sure to read the fine print on your coupon or daily deal. Daily deals have expiration dates and limits to their use, and many retailers will not honor the deal if it is past the promotion period. To make sure you don’t lose the value of your coupon, add your LivingSocial and Groupon accounts to Manilla, which stores printable PDF versions of your daily deals and sends automatic reminders of your upcoming expiration dates. Manilla also sends reminders to your mobile device, so you’re always up to speed on the status of your deals.

Another great trick is to get a copy of your retailer’s coupon policy, which can often be found online. Armed with the store’s official policy, you are sure to avoid any unexpected surprises and avoid uncomfortable situations at the register.

Once you start couponing, the opportunities to save seem endless. And with these tools and tips in your arsenal, you are sure to walk away with some major steals.