So what if you’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget? Spending a night out on the town doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Watch the video now >>

1. Be the organizer.

Take charge and plan the night’s festivities — this way, you can guarantee that the prices fit your budget and that you’ll have a good time.

2. Take public transportation.

Cabs and car services can be very pricey. To cut down on cab fare, try taking public transportation to your destination so that you’re not paying a premium both ways.

3. Score great deals.

Groupon, LivingSocial and Foursquare are all great ways to find local deals on restaurants and bars. Another perk is that you’ll be able to try new venues you might have otherwise overlooked.

4. Hit up happy hours & specials nights.

It’s not uncommon for restaurants and bars to have deals for the after-work crowd, but lots of bars also serve up money saving specials for the late-night crew. Check out local joints for deals on food and drink to see who is open late.

5. Find promoters.

Bars and clubs hire promoters to bring people in and spend money on alcohol. Bypass the door cover by chatting with a promoter who can get you in for free.

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