Whenever I’m describing to my friends, family and colleagues exactly how Manilla works, I’m usually met with some intrigued eyebrow raises. And I’ve come to believe that this happens for two specific reasons:

  1. The features of Manilla are extremely useful, and people automatically think, Hey, I could really use that.
  2. Nothing else like Manilla exists. People are surprised that a service like Manilla hasn’t been made before, and so they oftentimes compare it to services that are similar to Manilla but are just not quite the same.

I’ve talked before not only about how Manilla and Mint (another account management service) differ in terms of what they are, but also about how they work together to increase your levels of productivity when it comes to managing your life.

Today, I’d like to focus on another service, Pageonce, and describe how Manilla and Pageonce are really quite different from each other.

1. Financial management vs. life management. Pageonce is a website and mobile service that allows you to manage all of your money, bills, and travel rewards. It is very useful when it comes to tracking just your spending, investments and financial accounts. On the other hand, Manilla, which is also a website and mobile service, lets you truly take control of your life by managing all types of accounts: financial accounts, utilities, magazine and Netflix subscriptions, travel rewards, daily deals, OpenTable reservations and more.

2. Types of reminders. Much like Mint, Pageonce offers reminders for your finances and travel rewards, while Manilla offers reminders for finances, travel rewards, daily deals, OpenTable reservations, and more. For example, Manilla will let you know when it’s time to use a Groupon that’s about to expire. It’ll also alert you when it’s time to pay a bill or make a credit card payment. Manilla will even remind you when your magazine, newspaper or Netflix subscription is about to expire. Plus, because you can manually add accounts using Manilla’s Custom Accounts feature, you can set automatic reminders for accounts that aren’t available on Manilla, such as your rent, your gym membership payment, your babysitter payment, your dog-walker payment, and more. Additionally, Manilla offers the option of seeing your upcoming due bills in the form of a calendar view or list view.

3. Custom accounts. Manilla supports more than 3,500 businesses and service providers that are available for you to add to your Manilla account. However, if Manilla doesn’t support one of your accounts, you can manually add it using Manilla’s easy-to-use Custom Accounts feature. Custom Accounts allows you to add virtually any account to Manilla. That includes a babysitter, dog walker, gym membership, rent and more. To see a full list of available providers, register now.

4. Document storage. One of the best parts of Manilla is its unlimited online document storage. Manilla provides all of your bills and statements forever, for free, on both your desktop and mobile devices. With Manilla, you can view, download, print or send your documents via email whenever you want. You can sort them by document type or account provider. Pageonce also offers your bill and statement information, and you can view it in PDF form on your mobile device.

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