Staying productive at work can be challenging, not because you’re incapable of handling your responsibilities, but because you may not be managing your workload as efficiently as you could be. Try following these simple productivity tips that will help you figure out how to be more productive at work.

1. Clear your desk of any distractions 

Take a look at your desk. Now ask yourself, what do I need here to really do my job effectively? Chances are it won’t include that potted plant or thank you card you received 2 years ago. While plants and cards can be visually appealing, they’re also distractions that could keep you from getting your work done.

2. Avoid multi-tasking 

New research shows that multitasking actually hinders productivity and results in poor work. Instead of tackling three different projects at once, set up 20-minute work blocks. That way, you can effectively work on a single project without getting distracted by other tasks and feeling fatigued.

3. Limit emails  Keep the rule of 2 in mind: if it takes more than 2 minutes to respond to or file, save it for later; then, designate 2 blocks of time during the day for responding to lengthier emails.

4. Take breaks Staring at a computer screen all day can make you tired and even lower your performance level. Take several short breaks throughout the day to clear your head and stay focused. Even just a quick walk around the block can allow you to return to a task with renewed energy and a fresh mind.

5. Write your to-do lists at the end of the day

That way, you’ll begin your day ready to go instead of thinking about what you have to accomplish. For more tips on how to be productive, visit