I’m organizing and productivity expert Monica Ricci, and if you love to cook like I do, an organized refrigerator is important. Heck, if you don’t love to cook, your kitchen should be a place where you and your family can enjoy healthy food, and a clean, organized refrigerator is part of that plan. So, follow these simple steps to make it quick and easy.

First, pull out everything you have in there so you can see what you own, and while it’s empty, clean the shelves with a little warm water and dish soap. Then, throw away anything old, moldy, hairy, stinky, or expired, paying particular attention to salad dressing, because they do expire quickly.

Now before you return anything to your refrigerator, group the items you have out by family on the countertop so you can see how much you have. Families might include drinks, produce, meat, cheese, and so on. Now this is just a general guide, because from season to season, what you keep will change.

Now if your house is like our house, the crisper drawer can be a black hole where food goes in and never comes out. To avoid this, think carefully about what categories should live in those drawers, and when you decide, label them clearly to remind yourself and your family what’s in there.

Corral smaller families like fruit, cheese, and deli meat in clear plastic containers on a shelf so they’re easy to pull out and put away. And of course, keep condiments grouped together on the door. Finally, add a lazy Susan on the top shelf to keep things within handy reach with just a spin. It also helps prevent items from freezing if they get pushed against the back wall. Now if you have room, add a second lazy Susan to a lower shelf to keep small jars and plastic containers easy to grab. Now that you can see how easy it is to organize and clean your refrigerator, you might be inspired to tackle it every month.