Winter vacation is coming up, and while making your list for vacation and getting your family ready for that week-long trip you’ve been planning, the last thing you want to worry about is scammers getting their mitts on your belongings and identity. From your wallet, pocketbook and jewelry to your smartphone, laptop and tablet, these thieves can ruin your vacation fast.

You don’t have to be a victim of these crimes that wreck your credit with identity theft scams and empty your bank accounts, leaving you with no money to spend on vacation. There are some ways that we can protect ourselves so that these crooks don’t have a fighting chance at getting our things or our personal information.

Canada Free Press offers a reminder for less stress and more protection at the airport: iPads and tablets do not need to be removed from your baggage at the security check point. This not only allows you to avoid another security hurdle to jump through, but it also does not advertise that you have a desirable device that a thief may want.

There are a variety of cons and scams aimed at vacationers that we simply cannot be too careful while traveling. From old tried and true techniques to clever new Internet scams, travelers need to be aware of these tricks to avoid becoming a victim during their hard-earned vacation.

Identity Theft

Airports and other unprotected areas are top spots for your personal information to be compromised. Arm yourself by using a company that can help you protect yourself from all types of identity theft. This way, thieves will not be able to create bogus accounts or take advantage of your information. These companies monitor your credit file and report any suspicious behavior so that thieves are stopped in their tracks.


This old-school trick has now become a very organized crime with dangerous leaders who have a team of under-aged kids doing their dirty work. Unfortunately, we now even have to be suspicious of young kids who are out to scam us. Be sure to stash your valuable items inside of your clothes and use caution at teller machines and while in crowds.


This high-value item is a big target because not only is there a market to sell the phones, but your personal information is easily accessible. Always keep your phone out of site when not in use and never leave it on a table while dining or in a pocket that can be easily picked. Limit storing personal info on your phone and always use a password to protect it.

Fake Websites

Scammers take full advantage of the internet to rip travelers off. They actually go as far as to set up fake websites that offer tickets to popular events and accommodations. Travelers should only purchase event tickets and book accommodations through trusted vendors, known web sites or reliable travel agents. You should also always secure the purchase by using a credit card. Make sure you stay informed and protected with companies like LifeLock that protect your online identity.

With a lot on your mind in preparing for your trip, stressing over security will only add to your worries. Just add these few safety measures to your list for vacation. They will help protect your stuff and ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation and relax a little more.


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