Think you deserve a raise? Congratulations, you must be doing great work. When you value yourself and your performance, you should get a raise. Here’s a few tips on how to ask for one.

Have you been in the same job for a long time? Have responsibilities been added to your job description? Get super clear on why you deserve a raise, and even practice telling yourself why you deserve one in the mirror. It sounds cheesey, but practice articulating what you want to say in advance will help you be far calmer when you’re actually in conversation.

Once you have your story down, your ability to negotiate a raise becomes all about your attitude — it’s best to be calm and confident. Remember that your boss wants you to be successful and happy — so assume that she wants to give you a raise when you walk into her office. Why not?

My favorite negotiation tip is to always think of them as an opportunity to find solutions that works for everyone.  So even if you hear no, don’t hear it as “no forever.” Explore how that no can become a yes over time. You can say: ”Thank you for considering my request. I feel strongly that I deserve this raise for the reasons I mentioned. Can we revisit it in a month?” Consider asking: “What results do I need to produce to get this raise? It would help me if I was clearer on how one gets a raise here so that I can work toward that.”

Finally, if you really want to play hardball–and there is nothing wrong with hardball–consider interviewing for another job. Nothing like a competing offer to show how valuable you are and to help you negotiate.

At the end of the day, you have to believe in yourself. If you don’t truly believe you’re worth it and deserve a raise, your boss probably won’t either, so start with yourself. You’ll do great!