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Xero has partnered with Hearst’s Manilla to provide small-business owners with easier, more accurate bill reconciliation. With Manilla’s free digital mailbox service, Xero customers will have access to all of their important business documents. Finally, one easy way to manage all your business expenses and accounts in one place. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Sign up for Manilla and link your small business accounts. Then, sign up for Xero. (Already a user of both services? Skip to step No. 2.)

Step 2: From your Manilla account, click “Manage Profile” in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Xero step2 red

Step 3: Click “Connect to Xero.”

Xero step 3 red

Step 4: Log in to Xero

Xero step 4

Step 5: Authorize Manilla by clicking the green “Authorize” button in Xero.

Xero step 5

Step 6: Confirmation page

Xero step 6

Step 7: Xero will direct you back to your Manilla “Manage Accounts” page and an instructional window will appear. Review the instructions to proceed. Click X to close the instructional window, and then click the individual provider account you want to sync with Xero. For this example, let’s use AT&T.

Xero interstitial

Step 8: Click the “Export” tab.

Xero step 8 red

Step 9: Check the box that says, “Link this account to Xero.”

Xero step 8 red

Step 10: Choose contact name.

Step 11: Choose account code.

Xero step 11 red

Step 12: Click “save.”

Step 13: Start viewing your small business documents and transactions in Xero.

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