DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

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As a mom, I love to celebrate holidays with my kids, and Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites. I guess because I always had so much fun with the holiday in elementary school, so I always plan a day about a week in advance when we make DIY Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations to hang around the house.

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A super easy and cheap décor project I do yearly is called Easy Doily Garland. We will hang this above windows. Here is how it’s done:

Fold in half six separate doilies. Attached a ribbon to the crease of each doily using double-sided tape. Then add heart stickers, drawings or cut-out paper to each doily. My kid love to use Valentine’s Day stencils. And voilà – you’ve got yourself a Valentine’s Day garland.

Another favorite is making Paint Chip Heart Garland. Pick up paint sample cards from your local home store in your favorite colors. Buy a heart punch (where you find scrapbooking supplies, they are around $2) and then some string and a needle. Cut hearts from the paint chips, and then use the needle and thread to thread the hearts together to make garland. (I do the threading but the kids pick colors and the color pattern.)

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Then, when we’re finished making the decorations, we like to make our own Valentines. We start with thick card stock, and the kids will take some and just draw. We also like to take red buttons and make hearts or roses on the front. You could also use items you have around the house, like a deck of cards, to add some fun to your Valentines. For example, you could take a king or queen card from the deck and tape it to the front of your Valentine. Write, “You are the king [or queen] of my heart.” You could also glue pink birthday candles to the front and have it say, “You light up my life.”

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On Valentine’s Day, I try to keep all the food in theme. We start with heart-shaped pancakes or French toast. I also add some red food coloring to milk for an extra romantic touch. Lunch will be a heart-shaped sandwich with a red juice or pink lemonade. Snacks will includes heart-shaped Rice Krispies treats and heart-shaped fruits, like strawberries. We will also bake cookies for an afternoon activity, using Valentine’s Day cookie cutters. For dinner, we have heart-shaped pizza (going as far as making heart-shaped pepperonis).

We end the day exchanging cards, and we generally get the kids a small little toy to unwrap, as well. All in all, we spend no more than $20 to make our DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, and the kids have a blast and look forward to it each year!

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