Children’s after-school activities are a real issue for moms and dads these days. To start, it’s tricky figuring out just how to get everyone where they need to be. The logistics can overwhelm you. Add to that the expense, and after-school activities are something parents really have to think about strategically as a part of their family budgeting.

In this vlog, I share some tips for saving money on after-school sports and other types of children’s activities. One such tip is giving your child a chance to explore an activity without making a full financial investment, such as buying an expensive instrument that will then gather dust in your attic! For other tips, watch my vlog. And if you’ve got things that have worked for your family, please share below.

Melissa is a lucky mom of 5 kiddies 9 and under, and started her how to video site CloudMom when her fifth baby Marielle was born. Having been through the baby years so many times, Melissa was just dying to share all the little things she learned along the way that made her life as a mom easier. Cloudmom is full of tips for expecting moms, new moms, and moms of toddlers and kids as well, and includes hundreds of videos on all things mom and baby. P.S. You can find CloudMom on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Google Plus, and of course YouTube! Hope to see y’all!

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