With the big holiday just around the corner, I’m already planning out some strategies for saving on the big Thanksgiving meal. In this video, I present five ways in which you can really be a savvy spender at Thanksgiving. Here are two of them:

1. Make — don’t buy — your dishes.  

Whether it be pumpkin pie or stuffing or green beans, it’s almost always more economical to make your own dishes rather than buy them already prepared. Plus, it’s healthier, too, because you can control the extra butter and salt! Also, just think how special these holiday dishes are when they are homemade. Thanksgiving is really a holiday when homemade meals are the way to go!

2. Go potluck!

We moms tend to try to take on all the responsibility, but in the case of Thanksgiving, everyone — hosts and guests alike — wants to feel as if it is their special meal, so asking for your guests to contribute by bringing a special dish is a good thing. You might even go around the table having each guest present their dish and describing why it is special to them and perhaps parlaying a fond memory they have that is associated with that dish. Just think what spirited and fun conversations will follow.

So at Thanksgiving time, you can save and still have all the fun and even more! For three more practical tips for how to save on your Thanksgiving meal, watch my video!

Melissa is a lucky mom of 5 kiddies 9 and under, and started her how to video site CloudMom when her fifth baby Marielle was born. Having been through the baby years so many times, Melissa was just dying to share all the little things she learned along the way that made her life as a mom easier. Cloudmom is full of tips for expecting moms, new moms, and moms of toddlers and kids as well, and includes hundreds of videos on all things mom and baby. P.S. You can find CloudMom on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Google Plus, and of course YouTube! Hope to see y’all!

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