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Life Balance & Simplification

Ways to Simplify Your Life

Balancing your home and work life is no easy feat. After all, it requires diligent planning, frequent rescheduling and constant reminders to take a deep breath. And while achieving that stability may seem like a million miles away, all it takes is a bit of practice and easy organization. The Manilla Folder’s lifestyle, organization and psychology contributors offer expert knowledge and advice on work-life balance ideas, tips to reduce stress and, ultimately, the best ways to simplify your life. With just a few small changes to your daily management schedule, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in control of your life and worry free.

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What Do You Believe In?


I had the rare experience recently of seeing my words of wisdom come reflected back to me via the pen of my budding tween. It showed me that sometimes the best parts of ourselves are offered in a half-conscious state. Can you recall how many times you heard your parents say things like, “Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day,” “Save for a rainy day,” “Be respectful of your elders.” These words flow through the generations as if offered by automatons. Yet, we’re not robots. We’re expansive, vibrant and integrated mind-body-spirit beings. So for our kids sake, and for our own, I have revised my list of things to inspire a belief system.

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