The loo. The powder room. The water closet. The throne room. No matter how what you call it, your bathroom is one room you couldn’t escape even if you wanted to. It’s essential for hygiene, grooming and other necessary functions and because it sees so much action, it’s bound to get messy and disorganized. When it comes to figuring out how to clean a bathroom, here are five easy ways you can stay ahead of bathroom chaos.

Spritz It

Keep a bottle of multi-purpose spray cleaner and a roll of paper towels (or some reusable cloths) under the bathroom vanity for quick mirror and countertop touch-ups. A 30-second wipe down now and again makes the big bathroom clean faster and easier.

Hinge It

If you’re sick of picking towels up off the floor or throwing them over the shower bar to dry because you lack ample space to hang them, Hinge-It Clutterbuster. This simple and cleverly designed towel rack hangs four towels in a space that goes largely unused. Just slip the door’s hinge pins through the holes in the Clutterbuster and you instantly have space to hang four towels without using one square inch of wall space.

Spin It

You may know lazy Susans are one of my favorite organizing tools for the kitchen but they also work their magic in the bathroom too. Use them under the bathroom vanity for hair products, lotions, and anything else you need quick access to. With just a spin, the items in the back are within reach without sticking your head under the sink!

Divide It

What do you get when you combine a large drawer with a multitude of small items? A cluttered mess. If you have a wide shallow vanity drawer like I do, make it work for you by dividing the space into small sections appropriate for the items you’re storing. This Expanding Drawer Divider keeps all the little things we use in the bathroom separated into groups and right at our fingertips.

Contain It

Small items don’t just live inside drawers and cabinets, they lurk on countertops too. Let’s face it, you don’t always want to keep things put away, but who wants a cluttered vanity top? Get the best of both worlds by adding an attractive divided container next to your sink for storing everyday use items such as cosmetics, brushes, eye drops, fragrance and sunscreen.

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