Everyone knows a smartphone camera is handy for snapping selfies and fun pictures of your latest culinary creations, but having a camera on you 24/7 has practical uses, too. Here are 25 smartphone pictures that just might come in handy later.

1. License plate numbers, including your own — this comes in handy when checking into a hotel.

2. Your car’s VIN — another good piece of information to have handy.

3. Your odometer — good for tracking your gas mileage between tanks.

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4. Important receipts and bills of sale — proves that you bought or sold an item.

5. Your bank’s routing number – important when setting up online banking services or bill pay.

6. Animal bites or other medical emergencies — allows you to send pictures to doctors or other people for evaluation.

7. Suspicious moles or other skin conditions — helpful for monitoring growth and changes.

8. Your liquor cabinet — keeps the kids honest while you’re away!

9. Crimes in progress — helps police identify and apprehend criminals.

10. Severe weather — helpful during insurance claims or to warn others of impending weather.

11. Broken appliances and parts — helps experts know exactly what to sell you to make a repair.

12. Car accidents — accurately documents damage and vehicle placement.

13. Signs – capture phone numbers, websites and business names you’re interested in.

14. Business cards — handy for remembering people you meet.

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15. PowerPoint slides — captures key ideas you want to remember.

16. Your Wi-Fi router — many routers have the network passcode printed on them.


17. Any room in your home or office — helpful when shopping for furniture and accessories.

18. Textures and patterns of fabric — handy when decorating.

19. Paint colors from all the rooms in your house — helpful for when it’s time for a fresh coat


20. Favorite clothing labels — captures the exact brand, style number and size.

21. Cosmetics labels — handy for referencing exact colors when shopping for replacements.

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22. Recipes — prevents having to tear pages out of magazines and scan.

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23. Items you want to give as gifts — jogs your memory near birthdays and holidays.

24. Wine bottles — never again forget that special bottle you enjoyed at a restaurant.

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25. Inspirational quotes — Fodder for blog posts or as reminders when you’re having a bad day.

What have you used your smartphone to document recently?

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