Saving requires dedication, planning, and proper budgeting. If you can track your money and stick to a budget, you are on the road to achieving your saving goals. With effective planning, you may even reach your long-term savings goals without hurting your lifestyle. Here are 20 saving goals to consider for the future.

1. Home. Buying the home of your dreams is one of the few things that most people want. With the current low real estate market prices and interest rates, saving for a home purchase is a smart thing to do.

2. Car. Owning the car you always wanted is a great reason to save for the future. Whether you need a new or used car, a vehicle purchase is one of most common reasons to save.

3. College-Career advancement. Improving your education or career can make a big difference in your life. Not to mention that studies have found out that degree holders make almost twice as much as people without four-year degrees.  Bypass student loans by saving instead.

4. Children’s education. With ever increasing costs of education, it’s important to start saving for your kids’ future tuition costs. Being prepared is the best way to pay for your kid’s college in case a full scholarship or grants are not obtained.

5. Retirement. Do you want to live a comfortable retirement life? Then, start saving in plans such as 401ks and IRAs-take advantage of employers’ contributions since it’s basically free money. Don’t rely solely on your Social Security for income after retirement.

6. Emergency fund. Having an emergency fund is of great assistance in case of an unexpected financial event. Build up an emergency fund to weather out an unexpected medical condition, a layoff, or any other incident that may require funds to fix.

7. Splurge fund. If you like to buy extra items from time to time, a splurge fun can come in handy. Set aside some money to indulge yourself occasionally.

8. Vacation. Saving for a vacation is one of the most common reasons to set aside some money. Choose a preferred location to visit once you have saved enough to travel around the world.

9. Luxury items. If you’ve wanted to buy a new Rolex watch or designer clothing, saving in advance will help you get these items without hurting your finances.

10. Leisure time. Plan ahead and get some well-deserved leisure time with proper savings. Get some rest like you always wanted with the right amount of money.

11. Entertainment. Keep family, a significant other, or yourself entertained in a regular basis by saving accordingly. For example, if you are a sport fan, saving for season tickets might be the best way to go.

12. Outdoor activities. If you are a fan of nature and like doing things like hiking or rafting, budgeting can get you where you want to go.

13. Hobbies. Do you have a hobby? If so, saving enough money can let you indulge in any hobbies that you might have.

14. Charity. Donating to charity is a great way to help others and feel good about yourself too.

15. Latest gadgets. Do you always feel the need to own the latest gadgets? Well, you can do so without breaking the bank by saving for the usual annual gadgets that popup.

16. Entrepreneurship. Starting your own business is one of the most useful ways to spend your savings and achieve financial freedom if successful.

17. Jewelry. If you are a fan of gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, investing in gemstones might be good for you. What better way to own jewelry than by saving in advance?

18. Home improvement. Adding a pool, Jacuzzi or extra room to your home can come in handy and may require ample savings.

19. Marriage. There is simply no price tag to have fond and long-lasting memories of this very special day-have the wedding of your dreams by saving properly!

20. Space Travel. I know that this may sound far-fetched, but it’s something I always wanted to do-dreamt of doing. As technology improves and more people book space flights at places like Virgin Galactic, prices should become more affordable. If I had the money, I would. How about you?

Saving as planned may get you what you always wanted, if done properly. Consider savings goals based on your income and daily expenses to accomplish your dreams. There is simply no better way to improve the quality of your life by saving properly and adjusting to your monthly expenses without the added stress.

This article is provided courtesy of Sam Burgoon, marketing and social media executive for Credit Season, a consumer finance website providing information and tools on personal credit services. Follow Credit Season on Twitter and connect on Google+.